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Counsellor in Training (CIT)

Counsellor in Training (CIT)

CIT (Counsellor in Training) 2022


We’re once again very excited for this summer’s CIT Program. This program is a volunteer opportunity aimed at helping young adults gain valuable work-related experience and leadership skills in a recreational environment. Participants will build on self-esteem, work-ethic, and a range of skills that can be applied to future education and job experiences. All Counsellors in Training are expected to enroll in 2 weeks of the program over the course of the summer. All applicants will be accepted to the program, and we will do our best to accommodate busy summer schedules.

Returning Jr. Counsellors looking to take a senior role and help train new counsellors this summer? Contact No application required!

To become a Counsellor in Training at the Waeg, please fill out the application, found HEREto and submit to

Eligible applicants must be at least 14 or completed grade 8 in the 2021/2022 school year.