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Reciprocal Memberships

As a member of The Waegwoltic Club, we invite you to enjoy the experience of the following clubs while traveling. Members from these clubs are also warmly welcomed to visit our club during their stay in Halifax.

Please note: If you wish to visit any club identified here, please contact Lisa in our main office at least 72 hours prior to the date when you wish to visit another club, at, or at 902.429.2822 (ext. 0) so that we may make arrangements for your visit.




The Union of BC
Victoria, BC

                            Hollyburn Country Club 
Vancouver, BC 

Vancouver Lawn Tennis Club
Vancouver, BC

            Terminal City
Vancouver, BC
                Hollyburn Country Club 
Vancouver, BC 
Jericho Tennis Club
Vancouver, BC
The Artubus Club
Vancouver, BC
Royal Glenora Club
Edmonton, AB
 Derrick Golf & Winter Club
Edmonton, AB

The Ranchmen's Club
Calgary, AB

The Saskatoon Club 
Saskatoon, SK

Winnipeg Winter Club
Winnipeg, MB

Winnipeg Squash &
Racquet Club

Winnipeg, MB

The Boulevard Club
Toronto, ON

Albany Club of Toronto
Toronto, ON

The National Club
Toronto, ON

 The Toronto Lawn
Tennis Club

Toronto, ON
The Royal Canadian
Military Institute

Toronto, ON
Granite Club
Toronto, ON
The Toronto Cricket, Skating
& Curling Club

Toronto, ON
Donalda Club
North York, ON
London Club
London, ON
The Hamilton Club
Hamilton, ON

Rideau Club
Ottawa, ON

The Oakville Club
Oakville, ON
St. James Club
Montreal, QC
Hillside Tennis Club
Montreal, QC
The Forest & Stream Club
Montreal, QC
Mont Royal Tennis Club
Montreal, QC

U.S.A / International

University Club of Washington, D.C.
Washinton, D.C.

Union League Club of Chicago
Chicago, Illinois

The Union League of Philidelphia
Philadelphia, PA

Annapolis Yacht Club
Annapolis, MD

The Austin Club
Austin, Texas

The New York Athletic Club
New York, NY


Westmoreland Club
Wilkes-Barre, PA

Ulster Reform Club
Belfast, Ireland

Fitzwilliam Lawn Tennis Club
Dublin, Ireland

The Royal Scots Club
Edinburgh, Scotland

St. James Hotel & Club 
London, England
The Winchester House Club
London, England
Washington Athletic Club
Seattle, WA
The American Club Singapore
The British Club of Bangkok