6am, Tuesday, July 23rd, 2024

Main Pool 

OPEN 80F / 26.6C


OPEN 80F / 25.6C


OPEN 86F / 30C


Little Lido

OPEN 75F / 23C


1:00 PM, Monday, July 22nd, 2024   


Imagine the 115 years of tradition, history and family memories that are the legacy of the Waegwoltic Club. Now picture your family as part of that tradition. With four swimming pools, twelve tennis courts, recreational facilities, 40+ boat sailing program, a full range of lessons, social activities, lifestyle programs, day camps and a full service dining room, the Waeg has delighted singles, couples and families for decades. 

The Waegwoltic Club was founded in 1908 and was originally known as the "Bloomingdale". The Club was established to provide a recreational and social institution that would be owned by its members and would serve as a hub for its community. Its family focus was central to the Club, along with three main areas of recreation: swimming, tennis and sailing.  Since then, the Waeg has hosted a range of significant events, hosting H.R.H. Prince of Wales in 1919, and the main banquet dinner of the G7 Summit in 1995. The Waeg also hosts the Nova Scotia Tennis Open every year.

Today, the Club’s Chief Executive Officer, David Greaves, and our staff work hard to maintain our commitment to family, community and recreation.  At The Waegwoltic Club, members become friends for a lifetime, and families share experiences that are cherished for generations. Our commitment to creating a lasting impression is the reason we have earned the distinction for being one of the best private member clubs in Canada. Through those years of storied tradition, a fun-loving, casual lifestyle has remained the essence of our culture, with families are at the heart of what we do best. Here is just a little sample of what we offer our members: 

Junior Programming:  Our club has a rich tradition of offering high quality youth programs for children of all ages and abilities. Our youth aquatics program is the largest in the country, with lessons for toddlers through to the National Lifeguard Certification. Our Jr. Tennis Academy provides both recreational and competitive initiatives designed to foster a love for the game of tennis. And, young sailors in search of skill development, quality coaching instruction, great competition, and a fun time on and off the water will find a special experience in our 40+ fleet sailing school.  We also have full-day summer camps, year-round fitness classes, arts and science activities, two outdoor play centres and much, much more.

Adult Programming: While our offerings expand seasonally, our adult fitness and lifestyle concept is simple: we have a beautiful venue and membership like no other; we want to create a club atmosphere where like-minded people can spend a morning or afternoon expanding their horizons in a fun and relaxed environment. 

Families: Since 1908, The Waegwoltic Club has always maintained a strong family focus, as evidenced by a wide variety of junior and family activities. The pricing of membership fees and dues, and our ancillary services reflect a commitment to value for all family categories.  Popular family activities include: Waeg Carnival Day, Mother & Daughter Tea, boat races, family campfire nights and pool parties. Our little piece of Halifax’s history has sustained 110 years of lasting family memories in an environment truly unique to our club.

We’re delighted to have you as a guest at our club, and join us in enjoying what we feel is a vital, extraordinary piece of Halifax’s history. Few clubs in North America have had almost 100 years of continual operation while striving for the same goals and values as The Waegwoltic. We hope that you and your family will continue to enjoy our beautiful club for many years to come.  Delete