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Beach Volleyball is one of our newest and most popular programs at the Waeg. In 2012, we built a two-court pit to accommodate the growing popularity of the sport. We offer recreational and high performance lessons for youth and a monthly pick-up league for adults. Members are also able to book the courts for a game with friends. Soft sand, sun and beach volleyball is the ultimate way to enjoy your summer!

Recreation Levels: Bumpers, Blockers and Attackers

Participants in the three recreational levels can look forward to energetic group activities, explanations and demonstrations of fundamental skills, movement and skill drills, and modified volleyball game-play. Bumpers is the first level of the Waegwoltic's beach volleyball program for Youth.  Students will learn the basic skills needed to build a solid foundation in the sport in order to progress into higher levels of the program. Continuing to build on the basic skills in the Bumpers class, Blockers will help players develop more advanced techniques. Attackers is the final level of recreational programming.  Players will continue to build-on skill sets and  game play.

For a full list of volleyball programming, please browse our program guide.

Youth Volunteering 

The Waeg beach volleyball program is offering the chance for experienced, energetic athletes (14+) to pass on their passion for the game to younger generations of players. During the recreational lessons all summer long, players have an opportunity to assist the coaching staff in running the class. This is a chance to gain volunteer hours, be a mentor to younger athletes, and to develop coaching skills under the influence of our experienced staff. No coaching experience necessary! For every 45-minute class, we will be accepting 1-3 volunteers to assist in running drills and demonstrating skills along with other various coaching tasks.

Interested? Email with your name, your age, and a brief summary of your volleyball experience. A schedule for the volunteers will be determined based on availability. We’re looking forward to hearing from you as soon as possible, but feel free to apply at any point during the summer!

High Performance

The High Performance level enables teens with prior volleyball experience to develop their competitive beach volleyball skills. The goal of this level is to contribute to the development of a local stream of junior elite beach volleyball athletes. The program offers comprehensive skill work along with development of strategy, teamwork and physical fitness. Participants will have the opportunity to form teams (two athletes per team) to compete locally and provincially throughout the summer months. Participants will also receive a Waeg Volleyball tank top!

Once you have registered, please email your preferred tank top size (S,M,L,XL) to

Weekly Adult Recreation League

Back by popular demand! Make it a new summer ritual to come out to the weekly Waeg Wednesday Night pickup league. Teams of two or four are randomly created by staff every week and play fun, competitive matches against one another on co-ed height nets. Players are encouraged to have a post-game swim in the Lido after the matches!

Beach Court Bookings

If you’re interested in organizing a game with your friends this summer, the beach volleyball courts are now open for nightly bookings based on availability. Weekend bookings are also available. Court bookings will begin in late June and be available throughout the summer. To book your court, please contact the main office. For information on availability, please email