Tennis Courts:







3:40 pm Monday, September 26th, 2022

.Pool Temperatures:

Main Pool   

66 F / 18.9 C




69 F / 20.6 C



8:00 AM Monday, September 26th 2022

New Member Incentives

114 years into The Waegwoltic’s incredible history, and it’s clearer than ever before that community is the lifeblood of a club like ours. As part of an ongoing assessment of our operations, we have identified membership retention and word-of-mouth growth as essential goals for our continued health. These goals reflect both the vitality of our club and the strength of our offerings. With that in mind, we’re pleased to extend the following incentives to you and prospective members to help us build our wonderful community. 

Five-year Entrance Fee Payment Plan

To make joining our club convenient and affordable for prospective members, we are offering a five-year payment plan for our club’s entrance fee, with the option of bundling the payment into your monthly membership payments for those who pay their membership monthly. We feel this makes our fantastic club an even more appealing investment for you and your family.

Trial Membership

And, to make our wonderful club even more attractive to prospective members, we have created a new one-year trial membership. For a limited number of annual spots per year, this membership option carries a 25% premium over our regular dues, with no entrance fee payable in that first year.  When those new members decide to return, that premium will be deducted from the balance due for their entrance fee. 

If you believe your friends, family, or business acquaintances would appreciate what The Waegwoltic has to offer, please forward them these great opportunities. We’re thrilled to be offering more adult programming, more camp options, and more dining opportunities than ever before. We’re also committed to the continued rejuvenation of our waterfront property, and to our members’ continued comfort and pleasure throughout every visit to The Waegwoltic. Truly, it’s like no other club in the Maritimes.  Who wouldn’t want to join?