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Swipe Card Payment System

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our new member card swipe system for your onsite purchases at the Waeg. We will continue to accept Visa, MasterCard, debit and cash, but have added the ability for members to use a simple swipe of your member card as an alternative payment option. This allows you to bill charges to your Waeg account. We will charge your credit card or deduct from your bank account on a monthly basis. The process for managing the swipe card system is quite simple, but does require the member to set both a credit limit for the total charges allowed, and a spending limit for individual family members. Specifics for both are: 

Credit limit: 

This is the credit limit that the family has as a whole. Similar to a credit card, as payments are made on the account, the funds are freed up to spend at the Waeg. The credit limit will be set by the main office and can only be changed by calling the office. 

Spending limit: 

You can allocate a spending limit for the month to a dependant, with each dependant getting their own spending limit. These amounts can be adjusted as frequently as you wish. So for example, if you would like your child to have access to $10 per day for lunches, you can increase the amount each day an additional $10 until the end of the month. Alternatively, you can allocate $50 for the week, and advise your child to only spend $10. It is up to you to monitor depending on your child or family’s needs. This amount will only get rolled over at the end of the month. If a payment is made on the account, it will not affect the spending limit. If you need your dependant to have access to additional funds, then you will need to increase the spending limit. 

To take advantage of this feature, please see below for the  4 simple steps required to initiate your swipecard and make your visits to The Waegwoltic even better. 

  1. Contact our account manager Julie by email at or by phone at 902.429.2822 ext. 112.    Julie will require a void cheque or a current Visa or MasterCard number with expiry date, and she will have you fill out our authorization form (available at On the 15th of the month, your bank account will be debited or your credit card will be charged for the previous month’s charges. If you need to change the card billed, please contact Julie to coordinate.
  2. Log into the member’s home page as the main account holder, then click on the “Update
    Profile” under the “Quick Links” section. Next, click on the “spending” tab. From here, you can see all your dependants and allocate each a spending amount. Next, you can click on the “Account Inquiry” button to see the chits that have been charged to your account.
  3. Stop by the office for a new membership card.
  4. Get over here and enjoy all that we have to offer our members. We have a great Chef, well-trained servers and an abundance of enthusiasm for making your every visit memorable.


  • You can view daily charges individually for all family members by visiting the member’s home page and clicking the "My Accounts" button
  • You can authorize or de-authorize dependents for your account as you please, simply by visiting your account.
  • You can make a payment at any time through the "My Accounts" section.
  • As always feel free to call or send a note to myself, Lisa or Julie with any queries, comments or suggestions.

For more information, and to sign up, please complete and return the following form to Julie at